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Myopia Control

At Safarian and Simon Opticians, we are delighted to offer the latest innovations in myopia control by fitting MiSight 1 day contact lenses. MiSight are the first daily disposable lenses proven to slow the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) in children. Three years of detailed scientific trials have shown that wearing MiSight lenses reduces myopic progression in children by 59% on average. That’s good news for reducing dependence on vision correction as well as decreasing the risk of developing serious eye conditions related to high myopia.

The myopia boom

Recent research shows that myopia is rising sharply around the world, becoming a real public health concern. It is estimated that around 30% of the world’s population is now myopic. In east Asia, the problem has reached epidemic proportions with 90% of teenagers being myopic. In the UK, myopia has doubled over the last 50 years – with rates set to rise in coming decades.

What causes myopia

Myopia occurs when the eyeball grows too long for the eye’s focusing system. That means images are focused in front of the retina instead of directly on it, causing blurred vision in the distance.
There are two main factors which can increase your child’s risk of developing myopia – genetics and behavioural influences. If one parent is myopic, your child has a 31% chance of developing myopia. When both parents are myopic, the chances increase to 46%. Low levels of outdoor activity and prolonged near tasks are also thought to contribute to myopia development.

Why myopia control is important

As myopia increases, children’s dependency on glasses increases. This can reduce their ability to participate in sports and other activities. Also, increasing myopia can lead to eye health problems in later life. These include retinal detachments, cataracts, glaucoma and maculopathy. Treating myopia early can slow its progression, reducing the risk of sight loss from such conditions.

MiSight & myopia control

MiSight’s clever dual-focus design allows children to see clearly while at the same time slowing down eyeball growth and reducing myopia progression. These innovative lenses are a daily disposable design suitable for myopic children as young as eight years old.

Child-friendly lenses

Some parents worry that their children won’t be able to manage contact lenses. However, we find that most children adapt to handling and wearing lenses quicker than adults! They also find them comfortable to wear with clear vision for all everyday activities – including sports and school work. At the end of the recent 3-year study, over 90% of children said they preferred wearing MiSight lenses to wearing their glasses.

Daily disposables

As daily disposables, MiSight lenses offer significant benefits in terms of eye health and convenience. Because they are simply worn once and then thrown away, there are no complicated cleaning and disinfecting routines involved and minimal risk of eye infections or other problems.

To find out more

If you think your child might be short-sighted, simply phone for an information leaflet or call in to see us. We’d be happy to discuss your child’s eyesight and tell you more about the option of myopia control.