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Dry Eye and Red Eye Assessments

At our practice, we often come across patients with red eye, discharge and discomfort. This is primarily managed with ocular lubricants, over-the-counter remedies and remedial eyelid hygiene. For patients who are not entitled to exemptions from NHS charges, we can prescribe ointments and eye drops via signed orders.

We find that the majority problems leading to red eyes are not from infections, but often Dry eye, Blepharitis and allergic/seasonal conjunctivitis which would not benefit from anti-biotic medication.

It may be that your case requires urgent intervention and so we ensure to see red eye patients as soon as possible upon arrival to the practice. We find a dedicated appointment will also us to make a diagnosis. As the examination is only of the external eye, a full eye examination or refraction is not normally required.

What Causes Dry Eye Disease?

  • Ageing over 60’s are the most common group to suffer
  • Hot, dry or windy climates – causes evaporation of tears
  • Computer and digital devices.
  • Inflammatory diseases – e.g. Rheumatoid arthritis affecting the joints is associated with higher risk of dry eyes.
  • Side effects from medications – e.g. The oral contraceptive pill

How is Dry Eye Syndrome Treated?

There is no absolute ‘cure’ for dry eye syndrome. However, most people can get significant relief from symptoms using a variety of treatments and measures. Bulk of dryness can be controlled better if the eyelids are better examined. Here as Safarian and Simon Opticians we follow the latest Dry Eye  report (DEWS II) which recommends a regime including lid hygiene,  heat application and lubrication.

‘Dry eye all too often is treated incorrectly, from using the wrong lubricant to not locating the root cause, book in for a Dry eye assessment and benefit from a real expert in dry eye’. We are a only a few opticians that offer an in-house treatment which significantly reduces dry eyes.

Lid Margin Hygiene

In-House treatment

If the underlying cause is blepharitis or lid margin disease, then treating this can often improve the ocular surface and reduce symptoms.

Safarian & Simon Opticians is delighted to announce it has purchased a new piece of innovative ophthalmic equipment, ‘Blephex’, to aid the successful treatment of common condition

Blepharitis can be an unpleasant long term condition that causes the eyelids to become itchy, sore and crusty. With no specific cure, the symptoms have to be managed with either a daily cleaning routine or in some cases a course of antibiotics.

However, with the use of Blephex, long bouts of Blepharitis and uncomfortable symptoms will become a thing of the past for many patients – as this new piece of equipment is able to reduce the main causes of the inflammatory condition, namely scurf and bacterial debris, within a matter of minutes.

Safarian & Simon Practice Owner, Sachin Patel, comments “The new Blephex tool works like an electric toothbrush using a medical grade micro-sponge to debride the accumulated debris, cells and blocked oil gland openings on the upper and lower eyelids.

“This process only takes a 10 minutes and is extremely tolerable for all patients –resulting in a dramatic improvement to the cleanliness of their eyes and other symptoms such as blurred vision and soreness.”

To achieve optimum results and to reduce the spread of bacteria, the Blephex micro-sponge is disposable and a clean one is used for each individual eyelid. The procedure is normally repeated every 4-6 months depending on the severity of Blepharitis experienced.

With core practice values based on better eye health and patient care, we have upgraded our external eye Slit Lamp to a state of the art Zeiss imaging Slit Lamp. You only typically find these in teaching units, and many of you would have been told you have Blepharitis or ‘blocked glands’ but have you actually seen this on an image or video? Here a picture of our patient with our hi-tech imaging.


For more information about Blephex please visit the main website www.blephex.com, or to experience the benefits of the tool first hand please contact the practice directly on 0207 722 1917 to book an assessment

Home treatment

Home treatment is the main-stay of keeping Blepharitis at bay. During your consultation you will be advised on the correct method of undertaking warm compresses and lid hygiene with a commercial wipe.


Regular lubrication in the form of gels or drops can help keep the surface of the eyes wet, and thus reduce symptoms. Often, this is combined with lid margin hygiene.

All too often patients are prescribed the same drop for every form of Dry eye. The tear film is a complex three layer structure which all contribute to keeping your eyes moist. We will identify why your eyes are dry and prescribe the appropriate lubricant. We stock a range of eye drops to suit your needs.

Do not settle for Dry eyes anymore! Our treatment also helps watery eyes

For a full dry eye and red eye assessment request an appointment at Safarian & Simon Opticians today.