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At Safarian and Simon Opticians, we are committed to expanding our partnership with Opticians, Ophthalmologists, and GPs to offer exceptional eye care services. You can confidently refer your patients to us, knowing that our team of experienced clinicians and staff will provide them with the utmost care and attention.

We specialise in a wide range of eye care services, including the treatment of eye infections, second opinions, complex dispensing, and contact lenses. Our expertise in macular degeneration OCT, advanced Glaucoma diagnostics, including Goldman tonometry and Gonioscopy, and gold standard Humphreys visual fields, enables us to provide specialised care for complex eye conditions.

Safarian and Simon Opticians are also dedicated to providing a minor eye conditions service, glaucoma and cataract refinement for Westminster, and we accept referrals by appointment.

Our team of professionals also offers therapeutic optometry, which is an exclusive service for treating eye infections, inflammation, and dry eyes using medical drops that other opticians cannot provide. We are also one of a few optometrist who undertake visual stress examinations using the cerium technology rather than simple colour overlays.

To learn more about our exceptional eye care services, please contact us. We look forward to serving you and your patients with the highest quality of care.

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Insurance Referrals

Workplace Contributions

Many UK employers will provide a contribution to our Eye Health Consultation and many people have private medical insurance that may cover the clinical fees completely.We highly recommend that you check with your employer’s Human Resources to see how they can contribute to your eyecare, including the cost of glasses, if required, for your work. Our team is happy to assist you in providing any necessary documentation for reimbursement purposes.We guarantee that you will receive a transparent receipt for all clinical professional fees and any prescribed glasses at the time of full payment. This receipt can be submitted to your employer or private insurance company for reimbursement. The standard workplace eye exam does not include our advanced scans or contact lens examination, however you can upgrade to this exam at the time of booking.

Bupa Eye Healthcare

As a registered Bupa eye healthcare provider, we at Safarian and Simon Opticians take pride in offering top-notch services to Bupa members. We can directly bill Bupa for our services, provided the member has received a Pre-Authorisation for clinical services prior to booking an Eye Health Consultation.Be sure to obtain your referral to our nominated provider Mr Sachin Patel at Safarian and Simon Opticians from your Ophthalmology Consultant prior to booking your appointment.To book an appointment or for further information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you as a trusted Bupa eye healthcare provider.
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Top Doctors

By invite only, we have the accolade of being listed on the Top Doctors listing to provide optometric care. This is a unique achievement.

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