The Latest Trends in Luxury Eyewear: What’s In Style?


As the fashion icon Victoria Beckham once said “my glasses say a lot about me”. When styling our clients, we want to consider every aspect of their personality and personal style and align it with current or timeless trends.

With the fashion scene constantly evolving, here at Safarian & Simon, our expert stylists are constantly keeping up with the fashion scene.

If you’re looking for a new pair of glasses for 2024, we’ve compiled a list of eyewear trends that are dominating the fashion scene this year, such as:

  • Transparent frames
  • Write frames
  • Oval silhouettes
  • Oversized ‘70s silhouettes
  • Futuristic frames
  • Secretary glasses
  • Bordeaux frames
  • Little luxurious details

Read on to find out more

Transparent glasses frames

woman wearing glasses with transparent frames

Paying homage to the transparent trend of the late 90s, transparent frames offer a sleek, minimalist look that allows your features and outfit to speak for themselves, while still offering face-framing qualities.

Working for both men and women, transparent frames exude sophistication.

Rocking a dramatic eye makeup look? Transparent frames allow your eye makeup to pop, so you can dress them up or down depending on your style.

Best suited for:

  • Fashion-forward individuals looking for a modern twist on classic eyewear.
  • Those seeking a subtle yet stylish accessory to enhance their overall look.
  • Professionals who want to maintain a polished appearance while expressing their personality through their glasses.

Which designer offers these glasses frames?:

Garrett Leight offers an impressive range of transparent frames, available in both clear and coloured tints, catering to stylish men and women alike.

Wire glasses frames

man wearing glasses with wire frames in front of red background

A timeless style that never leaves the fashion cycle, wire frames are back with a bang this year. Coming in all sorts of shapes, they typically look best in round, aviator or rectangle styles.

Wanting an intellectual vibe to your appearance? Wire frames offer a youthful  “uni-campus” appeal with their preppy nature, and although they work well with preppy outfits, they juxtapose effortlessly with many different styles!

Best suited for:

  • Individuals seeking a lightweight and minimalist eyewear option.
  • Those who prefer a subtle and understated look.
  • Individuals with smaller facial features.
  • Professionals aiming for a sleek and professional appearance.

Which designer offers these glasses frames?:

Oliver Peoples glasses offer a stunning selection of wire frames,  effortlessly blending timeless design with modern aesthetics. Their frames are meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and timelessness in both style and durability.

Oval silhouettes

woman wearing unique oval shaped glasses

Worn by the likes of Bella Hadid and endorsed by fashion pioneers Miu Miu, oval glasses rocked the runways of 2023. Going into 2024, we’re expecting these frames to be the next big thing in eye wear.

The key to these frames is semi-thick, bold frames in any colour of your choosing with exaggerated oval features.

Best suited for:

  • Fashion-forward individuals seeking a statement eyewear piece.
  • Those looking to add a trendy and bold accessory to their outfits.
  • People with oval or round face shapes, as the shape of the frames can complement their facial features.

Oversized ‘70s silhouette

woman wearing classic 70s style glasses with large frames

Okay…we’re almost done with the nostalgia, but not quite!

So far, 2024 seems to be the year of nostalgia, with many eyewear trends paying homage to trends of time gone by, but we can’t talk about past trends without talking about the eyewear trends of the ‘70s!

Fashion brands across the board are rocking the trend, and although they might have a nostalgic feel, with the right materials, colour and organic shapes, these frames can look pretty contemporary or even futuristic!

Best suited for:

  • Individuals with a penchant for vintage-inspired fashion seeking a retro vibe in their eyewear.
  • Those looking to make a bold fashion statement with unique and distinctive frames.
  • People who appreciate the combination of nostalgia and modernity, blending the best of both worlds in their style choices.

Which designer offers these glasses frames?:

Götti offers a stunning range of eyewear that captures the essence of 1970s nostalgia while incorporating modern elements for a contemporary twist. Their frames feature organic shapes, vibrant colours, and high-quality materials, and the best bit- they’re 3D printed!

Futuristic glasses

two models wearing futuristic inspired glasses

Okay, enough of the nostalgia! Let’s look to the future…

With the influence of fashion houses like Balenciaga and the mainstream use of AI, many of us are turning to the future for fashion inspiration. From harsh angles, dynamic shapes, and black-out sunglasses, futuristic eyewear can take a basic outfit from plain-jane to cyborg-chic!

It might not be for everyone, but if you want to be a little bold and experimental, futuristic frames can change your entire look.

Secretary glasses

woman wearing secretary style glasses sitting outside in a cafe

As Byrdie put it, “office siren is business casual for hot girls”. We know how trend cycles work, and although business casual might seem like a thing of the past, it’s making a comeback.

Think Gisele Bündchen circa 2006 in The Devil Wears Prada, the office siren aesthetic pays homage to the “it girls” of the 2000s who rocked office attire. If you want to look like the girls in the 2000’s rom-coms who worked New York jobs for fancy magazines, office siren is perfect for you.

To rock the secretary glasses, ask your optician for 2000’s style office glasses. Typically these may be frameless, but you can opt for framed glasses depending on what suits you!

Best suited for:

  • Individuals aiming for a sophisticated yet contemporary office look.
  • Fashion enthusiasts seeking to incorporate nostalgic elements from 2000s fashion into their wardrobe.
  • Professionals wanting to make a statement with their eyewear while maintaining a polished appearance in the workplace.

Red/bordeaux frames

woman wearing red framed glasses with her arm around a man wearing classic reading glasses

Taking accessories by storm in the autumn of 2023, bordeaux shades are growing in popularity for eyewear in 2024. This rich and sophisticated hue adds a touch of elegance to any ensemble, making it a versatile choice for both casual and formal occasions.

Borrdeaux eyewear is becoming a staple for those seeking to elevate their style with a bold and refined statement piece.

Best suited for:

  • Fashion-forward individuals looking to add a touch of sophistication to their eyewear collection.
  • Those seeking versatile eyewear that seamlessly transitions from day to night.
  • Professionals aiming to make a bold yet elegant statement with their eyewear in formal settings.

Little luxurious details

a pair of sunglasses with gold luxurious detailing on the frame

An extension of the “quiet luxury” trend that emerged in the last year, little luxurious details in eyewear offer a subtle nod to luxury while remaining understated.

This trend emphasises attention to detail, with elements like delicate metal accents, intricate engraving, or embellished temples adding a touch of luxury to the eyewear and paying homage to exquisite craftsmanship.

Best suited for:

  • Individuals who appreciate subtle yet sophisticated accessories.
  • Fashion enthusiasts seeking understated elegance in their eyewear.
  • Professionals aiming for a polished and refined look with a hint of luxury.
  • Those who value craftsmanship and attention to detail in their accessories.

Which designer offers these glasses frames?:

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