Our Brands

The classic brand, made famous by its creator, the sultry and stylish Coco Chanel, has never gone out of fashion. In fact, Chanel sunglasses are now more popular than ever, thanks in part to the slew of celebrities who are frequently photographed wearing the classic shades. The Chanel brand has been present since 1914, when Coco opened two small boutiques in France.
LINDBERG glasses are known around the world for their minimalist design. The brand is synonymous with award-winning, high-end rimless glasses and is often considered to make the best customized rimless eyeglasses in the world. Luxurious and elegant, LINDBERG eyewear is remarkably lightweight at as little as 1.9 grams, with a strong and flexible titanium frame and an innovative screw-less design.
Gotti Switzerland Eyewear consists of ophthalmic frames and sunglasses made of the finest materials: three-dimensional, processed titanium, specially manufactured acetate and genuine buffalo horn.
Garrett Leight is committed to creating an eyewear brand unlike any other – one that values quality, style, customer service, and happiness in general. Each frame is given individual attention and is hand inspected with a precise eye before it leaves the GLCO studio in Los Angeles. Every frame is handmade.
Oliver Peoples frames are handcrafted from the finest quality materials, in colours and styles exclusive to the brand. Frames are manufactured in limited quantities and with deliberate anti-logo labelling which appeals to refined consumers.
Prada has sophisticated craftsmanship, extremely modern visiosn of high fashion, technological design and research for creative details. Prada segmentation is fashionable and timeless. Prada has over the decades catapulted into the fashion world, marked as the designer to watch.

Often known for his risqué adverts and his provocative methods of marketing, the Tom Ford brand definitely has a seductive nature. The Tom Ford collection contains vintage inspired frames that remind us of Hollywood, statement bold chunky geek chic and exquisite craftsmanship. Tom Ford frames allow you to express your personality and play with your own personal style.
Anne et Valentin glasses are unique, and result from a gentle alchemy between geometry, colors and materials. The brand employs shapes and materials to create the most original frames on the market. The duo does not hesitate to question itself and is constantly renewing itself.
WOOW Eyewear is a new brand from the creative minds at Face a Face, featuring acetate and metal frames that bring positive energy into your life. Designers Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent show off their playfulness with this new collection that is full of color and has a great sense of humor.
Minima hasn’t stopped creating innovative ideas to meet individual needs. As opposed to short-lived collections, the brand strives to design and create quality, 100% French frames, with simple, yet elegant lines, inspired by a quest for timeless style.
The Ray-Ban brand has continued to evolve and develop over the past 75 years to sit proudly amongst the worlds most iconic brands. A classic luxury brand that’s not only at the fore front of technology but never forgets its roots.
Nano eyewear frames are designed as a collection with two fixing systems to adapt to everyday situations. Standard frame temples for the classroom and a simple swap over to headband to play. They are comfortable, adaptable, flexible, resistant and long lasting. They are extremely flexible which make them indestructible.
Designed and coloured in London with a quirky and stylish take on eyewear, this fashion forward collection is for the young minded individual. Directional yet highly sellable, the William Morris London collection offers strong margins in bold and courageous British styles for every personality.
Young Wills offers adults styles for smaller faces, in a range that shouts as loud as the generation they are made for. Punchy bold colour combinations meet to form a quirky yet commercial children’s range at a great price point with high sell through. Bespoke temple lengths for the Young Wills audience show every careful detail taken to ensure we craft a collection fit for smaller faces.
Philippe Starck is certainly one of the most important architects of design history and he is known for some famous objects that now have become a cult. The Collection is inspired by his world made of quality, functionality and design.
Founded in 1860 by Swiss Louis-Ulysse Chopard, the brand originally began by creating watches for the wealthy and cosmopolitan. The collection of Chopard are exquisite, with glamorous frame shapes embellished with semi-precious stones. Chopard are made with the highest quality materials to produce a truly luxurious collection.
Elegance and functionality are a recognized attribute of the Alfred Dunhill accessories line. Especially the classic men’s fashion designs of the 80’s unite luxury and everyday efficiency.