Chopard Eyewear in London: A Tale of Christmas Sparkle

safarian & simon chopard eyewear london

Santa baby, if you’re looking to treat your loved one this Christmas you might want to slip luxury glasses under her tree! Handcrafted with precious metals and encrusted with jewels, Chopard glasses are the perfect gift for the discerning lady in your life. Here at Safarian & Simon in St John’s Wood, we’re proud to … Continue reading “Chopard Eyewear in London: A Tale of Christmas Sparkle”

Introduction to Contact Lenses: Which Are Right For You?

Contact lenses have the potential to transform your vision experience – they give you the freedom to live an active lifestyle without the inconvenience of frames, they offer you unobstructed peripheral vision and they give you a natural look. So if you’d prefer not to wear glasses full time but are unsure about laser eye … Continue reading “Introduction to Contact Lenses: Which Are Right For You?”

Channel Your Inner Rock Star this August with John Lennon Sunglasses

Rounder is better. That’s according to A-list fashion icons – Beyoncé, Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey et al – who’ve been rocking John Lennon shades throughout the summer.  Safarian & Simon Opticians is just a stone’s throw from the Beatles’ famous Abbey Road crossing, so we’re thrilled that John Lennon glasses have made an … Continue reading “Channel Your Inner Rock Star this August with John Lennon Sunglasses”

The Difference Between Dry Eye & Eye Allergies

Experiencing burning, itching, redness and swelling in your eyes?  Has wearing contact lenses become increasingly uncomfortable?  You may be suffering from dryeye syndrome, an eye allergy, or both. Dry eye and eye allergies are two of the most common eye conditions, affecting millions of people in the UK every year.  They have remarkably similar symptoms, … Continue reading “The Difference Between Dry Eye & Eye Allergies”

Chanel, Sunglasses and Cricket in London

Our practice is located in the heart of St. John’s Wood and right on the doorstep of the world famous Lords Cricket Ground. Named after its founder, Thomas Lord, it is owned by Marylebone Cricket Club and is home to   Middlesex County Cricket Club and the European Cricket Council. This historic landmark, also known as … Continue reading “Chanel, Sunglasses and Cricket in London”

Introducing: Sachin Patel, BSc (Hons) MCOptom

We’d like to get to know you all a bit better, and what better way to start than to tell you a little something about ourselves – starting with our optometrist and director, Sachin Patel!   Sachin Patel graduated from Cardiff University and passed his professional qualifying exam first time under the stewardship of award … Continue reading “Introducing: Sachin Patel, BSc (Hons) MCOptom”