Say Hello to New Lindberg Glasses in London!

lindberg MOF titanium glasses

Lindberg are world class when it comes to stylish glasses, utilising only the finest of materials and technology to enhance the wearer experience. Most recently, they won the German Design Award (2019), so they’re off to a flying start this year already. That’s also why they remain one of our top brands on offer at Safarian & Simon, catering to the discerning and various tastes of our clients.

Customised, high-end style

No screws are used in the design of Lindberg titanium glasses. They rely on an exclusive hinge design which allows Safarian & Simon to micro-adjust the frames to fit your face.

Titanium, coupled with a minimalist design, means you benefit from the creme de la creme in comfort and durability, as well as ultra lightweight frames.

Don’t compromise on form or function…

When you choose a high-quality set of frames, it’s natural to want to wear them all the time. This means they have to be able to adapt to the different aspects of your lifestyle. Whether you’re outdoors, at the office or on a night out in town, you want to have a full and responsive visual experience. That’s where Lindberg MøF comes in.

One of the reasons Lindberg is acknowledged as an industry leader is that they focus on the details of the multi-faceted lifestyle that they want their customers to lead. By creating a modular system like Lindberg MøF that allows for adaptation, they ensure that people can make personal choices based on what they want out of life, rather than on what their visual equipment can handle.

It turns out that you don’t need to prioritise function over form when you choose Lindberg MøF titanium glasses – you can have both! These innovative frames allow you to switch out your lenses to suit your environment with a simple snap-in, snap-out system. You’ll get the right glasses for your visual needs, as well as perfectly fitted Lindberg frames all in one.

Time to switch

Getting your Lindberg glasses in London is easy with Safarian & Simon. We’re here to ensure that you walk away with bespoke glasses that accentuate your features and help you make an impact. If you are ready to make the switch to a new visual experience with Lindberg MøF frames, get in touch with us today.