Channel Your Inner Rock Star this August with John Lennon Sunglasses

Rounder is better.

That’s according to A-list fashion icons – Beyoncé, Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey et al – who’ve been rocking John Lennon shades throughout the summer.  Safarian & Simon Opticians is just a stone’s throw from the Beatles’ famous Abbey Road crossing, so we’re thrilled that John Lennon glasses have made an epic comeback.

Brought into the mainstream by the Beatles back in the 60s, round eyewear has become the must-have style of the year.  The shape’s quirky retro appeal has swayed the wardrobes of Hollywood actors, entrepreneurs and street wear influencers alike, so although you Can’t Buy Me Love, you sure can invest in a head-turning pair of John Lennon sunglasses.

Round spectacles best suit oval and square faces, with angles that balance the circular lines.  But whatever your face shape there are ways to select round frames to suit your features, so if you need some Help! our team is on hand to help you find your perfect pair.

Here Comes The Sun, so here comes some of the best round sunglasses so you can channel your inner rock star this August with John Lennon shades…

The Wireframe

Tom Ford Ryan are the quintessential John Lennon Sunglasses

Classic, round, metallic shades don’t come much better than John Lennon sunglasses from the one and only Tom Ford.  The pioneering brand is well known for crafting some of the best round sunglasses around the globe, with a meticulous attention to detail that gives each pair a world-class quality finish.

We love these Tom Ford’s Ryan sunglasses – also available in black and silver – with rose tinted lenses endowing the wearer with additional retro chic (and an optimistic outlook!).

The Clip-On

Innovative and versatile John Lennon glasses from Garrett Leight Penmar Clip

Clip-on sunglasses give you the versatility to switch from glasses to shades without having to change your style, making them the ideal sunglasses for those on the move – whether you’re jet setting abroad or commuting to work.

We think the man himself would’ve got on board with the innovative collection from Garrett Leight, which features an array of clip-on round John Lennon sunglasses.  Sacrificing none of its style, the range is adorned with striking modern features such as cross bars.

The Tortoiseshell

Oliver Peoples O’Malley Sun make for stylish John Lennon glasses

Tortoiseshell shades are eternally popular, balancing with your face’s natural colouring whilst adding classic style to any look. The effect is so timeless that eyewear brands around the world never tire of incorporating the pattern into their acetate frames.

One of the best round sunglasses styles around right now is the Oliver Peoples O’Malley. The brand is renowned for its iconic round shapes, and these frames are endlessly versatile, stylish and circular.


Supersize John Lennon shades with this statement pair of Prada Cinema sunglasses

For a more opulent look, go big. Oversized round frames are guaranteed to make a statement, and Prada’s collection of near-perfectly circular frames hit the mark. These larger, more glamorous styles are the ideal sunglasses to pair with a summer dress, wedding outfit or office wear alike.


Channel John Lennon glasses with these stand-out Superstar 2 shades from WOOW

Looking to make a statement with your John Lennon shades? Embrace roundness with chutzpah this August with some of the best round sunglasses in town. WOOW is the playful new brand from the designers behind Face a Face, so it’s no wonder their round frames pop with bold, eye-catching patterns.

Retro sunglasses have made a big comeback this year, with round styles leading the charge, so if you’re off on your summer holidays this August All You Need Is… a pair of John Lennon shades to keep your eyes protected and stylish.

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